We’re glad you’ve decided to learn more about what CGS Unit is, and what we are up to. Let’s start with a pair of brief biographies about the co-founders.

Lauren Woolsey: Lauren earned a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics at Harvard University in May 2016. For her dissertation, she studied the Sun and the solar wind, sharing information about the Sun on her science blog. Lauren has volunteered her time with Science Club for Girls and BUILD in Boston to share her passion for science and education. She now works as an assistant professor at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan teaching courses in physics and astronomy.

Besides being a huge science nerd, Lauren plays regularly with a weekly group that plays mainly Euro games and when she has time, she attends Grand Rapids Unpublished Boardgame Society (GRUBS) meetings. She grew up with a love of games and enjoys playing all types of tabletop games in her free time.

Sean McKillop: Sean worked as a support scientist working for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory during the early years of CGS Unit. He has worked on everything from instrumentation to data analysis to mission operations. Throughout his science career, he has worked on many different spacecraft projects, from the magnetometer aboard the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter to testing and calibrating instruments for the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS).

After moving to Michigan, Sean has taught several physics labs and exploring opportunities in the area. He is experienced in an ever-growing variety of crafts and has started getting into writing as well. There may be more on the crafting side of things here at CGS Unit in the next few years!

Lauren and Sean founded this company as an umbrella for their various gaming and crafting projects. They live with two cats, a bearded dragon, and the executive director of US Quidditch. Although the website is not currently being regularly updated, you can connect with us through the following social media sites:

We would love to hear from you! You can use the social media channels linked above, the contact form below, or email us directly at the.cgs.unit [at] gmail.com!