PAX East 2014 is for Game Lovers AND Game Makers

PAX East is easily my favorite time of year. There’s always weeks of giddy excitement leading up to it (much like Christmas used to be when I was little) culminating in three days of frantic rushing around the Expo Hall, attending various panels, and playing ALL THE GAMES. Plus, the convention itself is one big game, one that I always love playing:

This year, I went into the convention with a clear focus. I attended all of the crowdfunding/kickstarter panels (there were four!) and met several independent game designers. I even got to show my game to Chris Cieslik of Asmadi Games!

Besides all of the helpful advice on crowdfunding, networking, and game development, the best parts of PAX East were discovering new games and meeting new people who share my love of games and interest in game design. I wanted to specifically mention three new tabletop games that will be kickstarting soon (I’ll be posting about each kickstarter when it launches, because these games are AMAZING).

  1. Heat, by Asmadi Games, is a card game where you’re trying to steal money without attracting too much attention from the law. I took a picture of the game in progress, and I can’t wait to own a copy!
  2. Slap .45, by Max Temkin, is a fast-paced card game set in the old west. You’ve got a gang, and you can shoot other gangs, duck for cover, or post bounties. Glad I found these guys in the Indie Megabooth!
  3. Castles of Caragaba, by David Wilkinson, contains all of my favorite game mechanics and has gorgeous art by Erin Koehler. It’s a tile-laying game with a wonderful theme. I’ll be backing them on day one of their kickstarter campaign!

Anyway, we’re totally stoked here at CGS Unit to continue developing our board game and we have learned so much that we can use to make this a smooth and successful process! Thanks for reading.


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