This Summer: The S in CGS Unit

So, all of us at CGS Unit want to apologize that we’ve been quiet for a little while. As grad students and support scientists, our summers are busier than the rest of the year because they are filled with conferences and summer schools. Since CGS stands for Crafts, Games and SCIENCE, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the SCIENCE I’ve been sharing and learning so far this summer. Doug will post soon on the progress we’ve been making on the game (YES, we’ve been making a lot of progress!!).

As a reminder, I study the Sun. I attended the 2014 SHINE conference (Solar and Heliospheric INterplanetary Environment) from June 22nd to June 27th. June 22nd was the SHINE Student Day, where graduate students get together in a less stressful environment and share some tutorials and research talks. My tutorial on Space Weather is fairly accessible to general audiences, and if you want to check it out, click/download here. I won the award for best tutorial, which was incredibly exciting! I also presented a poster on my research:

Starting July 9th and ending in a couple of days, I’ve been in Boulder, CO for the Heliophysics Summer School. Below, I’ll just share highlights from my live tweeting of the school!

And finally, a pair of tweets from this morning 🙂


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