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Running a Kickstarter: Part 2

So, Unpub 5 was AMAZING and I am so grateful to all of the fantastic playtesters and fellow independent game designers that I met last weekend. This weekend, I’ll have both Stars, Inc. and Amino! at BOSKONE 52. I was there this afternoon, and will be back from 10am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Stop by if you’re attending! With two weekends of conventions back to back, things have been a little crazy!

We have had a great start with the campaign for Amino! and over half of the early-bird rewards have been claimed. We will need your help to succeed, though, so please share the project with your friends:

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Running a Kickstarter: Part 1

I am so pumped up for today. Unpub 5 is open to the public in less than two hours. We’ll have a table for Stars, Inc. and Amino! there. In less than eight hours, I’ll be hitting the launch button for Amino! on Kickstarter!! I have been doing so much background work to make sure I am prepared for the twists and turns of running a tabletop campaign. I’ve been on the backer side of things dozens of times, but it’s not as easy to see the amount of work that goes into it from that end of the table.

One of the many places I’ve found for advice is a website for small business that posted a sweet infographic that I wanted to share with you all.┬áMake sure to check out our project! Link is at the far right under crowdfunding campaigns, and also at (after 4:00 EST today).

Thanks for reading!