Where Have We Been?

So it seems that trying to finish a PhD and keeping up with newsletters are mutually exclusive. For those of you who have been wondering where we are, rest assured that we have still been working on games, just not at quite the same pace I would have liked.

Since the last blog post in August, I applied to dozens of jobs and got the one I was most excited about! I’ll be starting a career at Grand Rapids Community College in the Fall, so I’ll be moving from Boston over the summer. I’m also weeks away from my dissertation defense, so you likely won’t hear from me again until June at the earliest.

For the keen-eyed among you, you may have seen the additional tab at the top of the website for Match Quilt, the new card game that uses the “C” and “G” from CGS. I’ll be debuting a prototype at Unpub 6 in Baltimore on April 9-10. Stop by (it’s free) and check it out and the latest version of Stars, Inc., too!

Thanks for sticking with us,

P.S. Here’s a fun animation of the Miller-Urey experiment that first created Amino acids from primordial materials. 10 seconds in, there is a list of seven molecules: the Amino deck contains six of those seven (we don’t include carbon monoxide for game mechanic reasons)! We also have lightning cards that represent the sparks at the 15-second mark. Hooray science! 😀


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