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Member Profiles:

  • Lauren Woolsey (CEO): Lauren is a fifth-year graduate student in the astronomy department at Harvard University. She studies the effects of the Sun on the rest of the solar system, focusing on the outflow from the Sun called the solar wind, and loves sharing information about the Sun on her blog. Lauren has worked for Science Club for Girls and BUILD in Boston and is a tutor for Cambridge Coaching. She grew up with a love of games and enjoys playing all types of tabletop games in her free time.
  • Doug Ferrer (CFO): Doug is also a fifth-year graduate student in Harvard University’s astronomy department. He specializes in using computer simulations to better understand the structure of the largest scales of the universe. Doug loves games–both board and computer–and enjoys writing in his spare time.
  • Sean McKillop (COO): Sean is a support scientist working for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. He works in the Solar-Stellar X-Ray Group and has worked on everything from instrumentation to data analysis. He is experienced in all types of crafts and has started getting into writing as well.

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