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This Summer: The G in CGS Unit

This summer at CGS, our big undertaking–well, other than our day-jobs–has been developing and playtesting our upcoming boardgame Stars Inc. Since May, we’ve completely revamped the gameplay, board, and rulebook–moving ever closer to a finished, publishable game!

The most important part of game development is playtesting, and we’ve done a lot of it this summer. We’ve busily recorded notes from dozens of playthroughs: from awesome meet-ups with other game designers through the Game Makers Guild, to play-throughs with friends and family, to demos with complete strangers at GenCon. Each time people play, we slightly tweak the rules–trying to find the right balance between every component that makes the game fun. This is a hard process! Sometimes it feels like trying to balance a pencil on its point–push a rule a little too far one way and the whole game falls apart. Say one particular strategy feels underpowered compared to another. So we make it a little stronger–maybe it scores another point every turn–but now suddenly it’s by far the best way to win the game. Then we buff the other strategies a little–except now the game is over way too quickly. Trying to fix that makes the game last for hours. This can be a difficult and exhausting process.

But it’s finally starting to pay off! The version we demo’d at GenCon seems to be very nicely balanced for the base game.  The only big things left to tweak are the powers for each individual player’s species. And, in incredibly exciting news, WE’VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO DEMO AT THE BOSTON FESTIVAL OF INDIE GAMES!!! This means we get to show off Stars Inc. to thousands of people and get a huge amount of feedback. Thanks to all our friends, family, and backers who have helped get us this far! Expect more news soon.